Buying a home? Get our DVD The Home Buying Process. Packed with loads of information, this DVD will show you the process of buying a home from step one all the way through settlement! Practical information from a Realtor, Real Estate Settlement Attorney; Mortgage Loan Officer; Home Inspectors. Get it online – HERE.

DVD Offering Overview of the Home Buying Process

New DVD Offering Overview of the Home Buying Process

Conditions for buying a home in the current market are generally good. Despite the fallout form the sub-prime mortgages which have racked the mortgage industry, money is still available at attractive rates and inventory is plentiful, giving buyers lots to choose from and placing them in great bargaining positions.

The major change for Buyers is that easy to get loans, based on risky credit worthiness, are no longer available. However, there are still no down (available in limited areas) and low down payment loans out there at good rates. Fixed rate mortgages and FHA loans are back! Buyers would be well served to shop around for the best deal in a mortgage. Dealing only with solid well funded mortgage companies and banks is advised. With so many mortgage lenders closing their doors, you don’t want to place a mortgage only to find out at the settlement table that the funds aren’t available and the lender is out of business.

All in all, buyers have a great selection of homes to choose from, get great rates on mortgages, they can make offers, ask for terms, expect repairs to be made and best of all – be reasonably sure they won’t be in a bidding war! It’s a great time to buy a house!


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