Preparing Your Home for Sale

There are lots of articles and TV shows discussing the merits of staging your home to help sell your home more quickly. The short story is that you need to make your home look like a model home or at least as close as you can. The rest of the story is that while staging your home is necessary, it is only part of what you need to do when selling your home.

In our DVD, Strategies for Selling Your Home, we cover many things that need to be done in order to sell you home for the best price and terms possible in the least amount of time possible. Among the those things that can be done, one of the most important is cleaning the home and removing any odors. Cleaning is the most economical and important thing that can be done. Go through the house with a critical eye and go back over areas that have already been cleaned and clean again if needed.

Break down your preparation into separate areas to make sure you don’t overlook anything. Make lists for each area of preparation you create, like one for landscaping, outside maintenance, flooring, kitchen, baths, basement, mechanicals, bedrooms, attic, etc. Resist the  impulse to store things in the basement, garage, attic or spare bedroom. Compromising one space with excess storage can ruin the effect of all of your efforts. If at all possible, rent storage and if that’s out of the budget, ask a relative if they have space you can use for a little while.

Remember, when you put your house up for sale, it becomes a product that your are selling. You need to keep that product ready to be shown at all times. Additionally, be prepared to allow your house shown at all times. Turning way showing opportunities can become a bad habit that may cost a sale. You never know which looker will be your buyer.

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